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CA Healthcare FHIR® API Sandbox

Accelerate the implementation of services based on the FHIR API standard

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Improve interoperability. Protect patient privacy.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is the next-generation standards framework from HL7. It specifies the data format and APIs that health organizations will use to share medical data and meet Meaningful Use incentive requirements established by the U.S. government. 

FHIR focuses solely on the exchange of information and delegates critical tasks such as security, authentication, patient confidentiality, and API deployment to other systems. This demo environment demonstrates how the industry-leading CA API Management solution can be used to safely expose data from FHIR servers, enabling healthcare companies to share medical data with practitioners, patients, partners, and developers to accelerate innovation.

Using CA API Management in your FHIR or EHR ecosystem offers multiple benefits:

Industry-leading security

Protect patient data with flexible, centralized policy and access control that is FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certified.

Improved confidentiality

Use risk-based evaluation of requests and threats enhance the patient security experience.

Reduced patient risk

Manage authentication and SSO across all apps and devices to improve the efficiency of care transitions.

More productive developers

A healthcare-specific portal allows developers to discover, explore, and work with FHIR APIs easily.

Better healthcare apps

Securely exposing better data leads to more innovation across all healthcare use cases.

A platform for the future

Deploying an effective healthcare mobile backend (MBaaS) is the next step in your EHR evolution.


Explore the CA Healthcare FHIR® API Sandbox

The CA Healthcare FHIR API Sandbox demonstrates how web and mobile development teams can access all six FHIR API sections including clinical, conformance, financial, and identification domains. Use this demo environment to explore their documentation, test messages, and generate code samples in any of eight programming languages to accelerate your healthcare innovation.

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