Getting Started

The CA Healthcare FHIR API Sandbox is a shared development instance of CA API Management SaaS that provides access to all six FHIR API domains. This makes it easy for architects and developers to explore documentation, test messages, and generate code samples in one of eight programming languages against the FHIR specification.


Where do I start?

The FHIR API Sandbox requires login credentials, which can be requested on this page. Once you have received your welcome email from the team, access the portal using the login button at top right to begin exploring the environment. At any time, use the menu icon at top left to access all functionality.


What is FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)?

FHIR (pronounced ‘fire’) is a draft standard designed to improve interoperability between electronic health records. It was created by HL7, the international healthcare standards organization, and is designed to leverage the most recent technology standards such as REST, JSON, and OAuth. If unfamiliar with FHIR, we recommend these two short articles to get up to speed:

It's important to note that the FHIR specification focuses solely on the exchange of information and delegates critical tasks such as security, authentication, patient condifentiality, and API deployment to other systems. That's where CA API Management comes in.


What is CA API Management SaaS?

The FHIR API Sandbox is powered by the SaaS version of CA API Management, the industry-leading solution for integrating, securing, and managing APIs. It allows healthcare organizations to securely expose data to developers and provide them with all the tools they need to quickly build innovative apps and services against your FHIR or other healthcare APIs. With no software to install, maintain, or upgrade, the SaaS version offers fast time-to-value and low capital costs, but depending on your needs, CA API Management is also available for on-premises or hybrid deployment.


What can you do with the FHIR APIs in the sandbox?

We have pre-configured FHIR APIs from all six domains, and are acting as the API owner. Your login credentials provide developer access, which allows you to navigate the API catalog, drill into live documentation for each resource, send test messages, explore the resulting interaction model and header/payload format, and get sample code to use in your applications.

Once you have logged in, expand the main menu from top left and select the API Explorer to get started.


Anything else to know?

Your access to and use of the FHIR API Sandbox powered by CA API Management SaaS is subject to CA’s Terms for User Sites. Your interactions with the FHIR API Sandbox powered by CA API Management SaaS, including any data or other information that you provide into the FHIR API Demo powered by CA API Management SaaS, may be available to other users. The FHIR API Sandbox powered by CA API Management SaaS is not HIPAA compliant. By accessing or using the CA Healthcare FHIR API Sandbox, you acknowledge that you will not provide any proprietary, confidential, or personal information into the FHIR API Sandbox powered by CA API Management SaaS.